The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. The Marlow
Allotments Association has to comply with its provisions, which relate to the information we hold on
tenants and how we use it.

We hold tenants’ names, postal addresses, telephone numbers (land and/or mobile) and email
addresses where these have been given to us. We also hold tenants’ allotment plot numbers.
We have acquired this information either from Marlow Town Council or directly from tenants.
The information above is held on the personal computers of the Allotment Association’s Secretary
and Treasurer. No one else has direct access to the information held on these computers. It is
made available on request to other elected members of the Association Committee, who are aware
that the data must remain confidential.

We do not pass this information on to any other organisation with the exception of the National
Allotments Society (NSALG) (if a tenant is a member of the Allotments Association). The NSALG
does not pass this information onto any other organisation.

Completed membership application forms are kept in a secure place and destroyed by shredding
at the end of the tenancy year.

A tenant’s data will be deleted from the Association’s computers, either immediately or at the end
of the tenancy period, once they cease being a tenant.

A tenant may request deletion of their data from the Association’s records at any time.
Reasons for holding a tenant’s data

We require the personal information specified above (data) to communicate with tenants either by
email, post, direct to a tenant’s letterbox or telephone.

Such communication includes a regular newsletter containing gardening tips, and information on
the benefits of Association membership, including details of products available to members. A
membership application form is attached to Newsletters unless the tenant is already a member