Alex’s story

After falling in love with the plot in May the Challenge had begun!! 

The plot was very overgrown but had potential with the promise of a fruit tree & some fruit bushes (hopefully) peeping out of the weeds & tall grass and a lovely huge Bay Tree. 


An allotment neighbour gave Alex some pallets which meant the construction of the compost bin – somewhere to put the weeds etc!!

Another neighbour generously loaned the use of her strimmer which meant the clearance could begin, then once the worst was cleared membrane was laid over approx. 75% of the plot to try to hold back further growth.

The next step was pruning the fruit tree, which happily turns out to be a greengage! Once the challenge of the pruning & removing the debris was conquered the next stage was to start digging the uncovered area to prepare for winter planting – which is ongoing as shown below.

All this with help an encouragement from family & allotment neighbours who always stop by for a chat with encouragement and advice.

So the story continues…