Marlow Allotments Association

Dedicated to preserving the availability of allotments for local residents, giving advice & support to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers for their families & friends.

The Allotments

Marlow Town Council manages two allotment sites in the town, one at Foxes Piece and the other at Hanging Hill. 


The Foxes Piece site is located near the town centre, next to the doctors' surgery, and backs onto the school of the same name. The plots are in a large flat site surrounded on most sides by residential areas. People use their plots to grow a wide range of fruit, vegetables and some flowers.  It does require some hard work and dedication to get the best results from your plot, but everyone agrees that the end result is the satisfaction of growing fresh produce that is usually a much better flavour.

The Hanging Hill site is situated near St. Peters Roman Catholic School on the outskirts of Marlow. As the name suggests, most of the plots are on a hillside with spectacular views over Marlow and the surrounding countryside. To be able to sit on your plot as the dusk approaches, looking out over the views, with only the sound of a sausage or two sizzling on a small barbecue is pure bliss. As this site is slightly larger, there is vehicle access and some car parking areas, which helps with the fetching and carrying of equipment and crop gathering.

New tenants are always welcome on both sites and the waiting list is often not as long as you might expect! To find out more, or to be put on the waiting list for a plot please contact the council directly or the association:






The Association

The Marlow Allotments Association (MAA) was established in 1983 as a response to a proposal to sell off the Hanging Hill site for housing. With the help and support from the National Society for Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG), the Association was successful in preventing the loss of this valuable site - we remain vigilant.

It is vital that the Association has high membership enrolments each year, in the event of a threat to either site this will demonstrate that we consistently have the support of the majority of tenants from both sites. This will then send a powerful signal to those who may doubt our resolve!


As well as helping to protect the future of the sites, membership of the Association offers a number of other benefits including a Seed Scheme.





The Committee

Association Committee Members are all volunteers who work their own plots on either of the sites at Foxes Piece or Hanging Hill. This means that all tenants are able talk to someone who has an understanding of the local site conditions and some of the problems that may be encountered. To find out about the current committee members, please visit the Committee Members page.
Due to this close link with tenants of both sites, Marlow Town Council is able to rely on help and support from the Committee, who help in various ways including carrying out the site viewings for new tenants on behalf of MTC.
Committee Members can be contacted from the attached email link or from the contact details on the latest Newsletter. They meet approximately five times a year to consider issues raised and to take joint action, where this is judged to be in the best interest of all members and tenants. You can read the minutes of our meetings here.
Throughout the year the Committee arranges events which give the tenants of both sites a chance to meet each other, to share food and drinks. Also, talks and demonstrations are arranged that are of interest to allotment gardeners. We are always keen for MAA members to join the Committee to help infuse us with new energy, ideas and plans, so if you're interested please contact a Committee Member to find out more.