How do I get an allotment?

Contact Marlow Town Council and they will arrange for someone from the Marlow Allotments Association to show you any available plots. Their website has the latest version of the tenancy rules and regulations, which must be read before taking tenancy of an allotment plot. Once you have chosen your plot, the tenancy is arranged with Marlow Town Council at their office in Pound Lane.


How much does it cost to rent an allotment?

It costs £33.50 a year to rent a plot for a standard 5x pole plot.


How big is an allotment plot?

The approximate size of a 5 pole plot is 10 meters by 10.5 meters.


What times of the day can I go and work on my plot?

The plot can be visited at any time during the day from 6am until dusk.


What is security like on the allotments?

Both allotments sites are surrounded by fences and have locked gates. It is your responsibility to ensure the gates locked at all times and to take any necessary steps to secure your shed, greenhouse or polytunnel.


Are children allowed on the allotments?

Children must always be accompanied by an adult and supervised in their activities on your plot - they must not wander around the site or onto other plots. Many children enjoy the opportunity to learn about growing their own fruit and vegetables, but they need you to teach them or, experience shows, they can get bored quite quickly. 


How do I get started?

When you start an allotment there is usually a very busy period to get the plot in shape, especially if it was neglected by the previous tenant. The best plan is to tackle one area at a time on the plot, trying to keep the weeds down on the areas yet to be worked. Once you have some seedling growing the hard work will feel worthwhile, and when you gather the crop will taste the best!!!


Is there a social side to the Allotments?

Yes, MAA organises meetings, talks and Barbeque Events for members to attend from both sites. While working on your plot, neighbouring tenants will come along and introduce themselves to you offering help and advice, sometimes you will spend more time chatting than working on your plot.


How much time would I need to look after my allotment?

A survey of allotment holders by the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG) found that from November to February, a person spent between 2 hours and 6 hours a week cultivating their allotments. While from March to October in the active growing season they spent between 5 and 12 hours a week. Be realistic about the amount of time you have and the distance you need to travel to your plot.


Are there any restrictions on what I am allowed to grow? 

No. You are allowed to grow a full range of vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit bushes and trees. It is best to be
careful about growing anything that tends to become invasive such as mint.


Where can I go to for advice on what to grow?

If you have not grown fruit or vegetables before, then there is plenty of advice available from books, on websites such as RHS Allotment: getting started, and also from other tenants on site who are only too happy to give you advice and sometimes seedlings or plants to help get you growing.


Is there water on site?

Yes. Tenants have funded the installation of a new water system and there is now a tap close to each plot, hose pipes can be used but the use of sprinklers is not permitted and there is no additional charge for the water used.


Is there electricity on site?

No. For any tools or equipment you wish to use they will need to be fuel or battery-powered.


Are there toilets at the allotment sites?

No, unfortunately. Plan ahead! 


May I have a shed and greenhouse on my plot?

Yes, however there are size restrictions. A shed must not exceed 12m², a greenhouse 15m² and a poly tunnel 30m².


Can I take my dog onto the site?

Dogs or any other animals accompanying their owners to the Allotment site must be kept on leads and under their owners' control at all times.​


Can I have a bonfire on my plot?

Bonfires are currently not allowed.


How much does it cost to join the Marlow Allotments Association? 

The cost is £5 ​per year, the Association was set up many years ago by tenants to protect the allotment sites. It does this by, for example, monitoring the waiting list and ensuring plots are re-let as soon as possible, and working with the Town Council on matters on the site that require attention. Members of the Association also bring benefits such as discounted seeds.


How do I join the Marlow Allotments Association? 

Either contact a Committee Member or download a form from the link on our homepage.


Does the Marlow Allotments Association have a liability insurance?

Yes! All details can be found here: Certificate of Employers' Liability Insurance