In 2012, the Association has developed what was previously an unused area of the Hanging Hill Allotment Site into a place where people with a wide range of learning and social difficulties can become involved in allotment gardening. The aim to provide a safe & secure area where the groups could enjoy the experience with help and guidance.

The TRIANGLE, named after the shape of the plot, was created following advice from a range of organisations who work with disabilities and with the generous financial support of local businesses, the Town Council and Wycombe District Council as well as lots of practical help from our wonderful allotment members!


Clearing and Developing the Site


In December 2012, a group of eager volunteers began to clear the ground of rubble, rubbish, weeds & roots to reveal a large triangular area of approx. 800 square feet. It was bordered on two sides by a brick wall, fencing and adjoining residential properties, and on the third side by fencing, which runs alongside a public footpath. Access is possible from Chiltern Road or Prospect Road.


We wanted to make the area secure and detached, whilst still allowing contact with plot holders on the main allotment site. Once cleared, plots were marked out and weed suppressant membrane was laid for pathways, which were levelled and laid with woodchips. Finally, a shed was constructed and a water tank system was connected to an overflow from a neighbouring garden to harness rainwater.

A standpipe has also been installed on the site for mains water supply and a raised bed was constructed. In addition, we obtained benches for seating.

With the exception of contractors, who removed the tree roots, all works have been carried out by volunteers from both allotment sites, regardless of weather conditions. Furthermore, throughout this process we received constant help, advice & support from Marlow Town Council.

The Official Opening


The site was officially opened on Saturday the 23rd of March 2013, by the Marlow Town Mayor, Jocelyn Towns.

Later that year we were delighted to receive the Community Champions Award 2013 for Community Project of the Year by Buckinghamshire County Council Local Area Forums.

Summer barbeques

All those that have been part of this project have gained in many ways – both the volunteers and the Tenants sharing the knowledge & pleasures of the growing experience. The tenants visit the site on various days & leave messages, notes & gifts for each other plus they do additional watering of each other’s areas in the heat of summer. Each year a Summer Barbeque is organised on the main allotment site to enable those that attend the site to meet each other & those that help and support this project making it a success to celebrate!!


Find out more and get involved

Sylvia Miller, a long-standing member of the association, has co-ordinated the project and you will find her contact details below if you wish to find out more or arrange for a group to become involved. 

For more information of this project and to get involved with the project, please contact: SYLVIA MILLER on 07939097771 or email


Our Thanks To...

Throughout this project we have been extremely grateful to all the individuals, groups and businesses who have supported us with donations of money & goods and practical, physical help. We wish to especially acknowledge the following for their support:
The Shanly Foundation, Marlow Health Check , Wycombe District Council, Ward Budget Allocation and Marlow Town Council, whose financial assistance enabled the initial clearance as well as the purchase of a shed and weed suppressant membrane for the paths.

In addition we had support from: Kings Seeds - for the large donation of vegetable and flower seeds, Robin Teasdill of New Leaf Tree Surgery - for all the woodchips for the paths, ASDA, Waitrose, Marlow Inner Wheel Group - for the donation of a wheelbarrow. Finally, to all of the wonderful tenants who donated spare tools and equipment.


Thank you all!