Committee Members

Member - Foxes Piece - Plot 53

Fred started working his plot at Foxes Piece in October 2001 and joined the Committee the following year. He enjoys seeing productive plots around the site.

Fred Tillier

Maren Talbot

Treasurer - Hanging Hill - Plot 27

Maren gardens at Hanging Hill. She got her first bramble clad allotment in 2002, installed a greenhouse for her private orchid collection and transformed the plot into a productive garden. Occupancy was very low at the time, so she took on more plots grow fruit, vegetables and flowers for the bees. She's taking care of all financial aspects of the association - MAA subscriptions, purchases or donations - while also running the highly beneficial seed scheme for members - ask for a catalogue if you’re interested or email her if you wish to use the online order facility.

4 Hazel Close, Marlow SL7 3PW

01628 486 640

Sylvia Miller

Secretary - Hanging Hill - Plot 87

Sylvia has had an allotment plot at Hanging Hill Site since November 2005, is passionate about both her allotment and everything to do with the allotment sites. Any Tenants from either site (not just members) that have problems and need advice or help related to the allotments feel free to contact her and Sylvia will advise or assist to try to resolve the matter. Anyone interested in taking on an allotment plot at either site should contact her to be added to the waiting list. 


07939 097 771

Member - Foxes Piece - Plot 66

Denise’s approach is to try to create a plot which is both productive and attractive to work in with a great variety of vegetables and fruit. Her priority is to see the allotments at full capacity and as many people as possible able to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Denise Bagge

John Stilliard

Member - Hanging Hill - Plot 2

John has a BSc in Biological sciences and has had an allotment at Hanging Hill for around 10 years.  He enjoys the difference in the flavour of home grown produce and the variety of company at Hanging Hill.  He is planning to plant some fruit trees and move to raised beds over the next couple of years.

07399 423 915

Peter Cooper

Member - Hanging Hill - Plot 15A

Peter has a Degree in Horticultural Science and a variety of horticultural experience having managed a kiwifruit orchard in his native New Zealand, run a garden maintenance business in West London for 10 years and then a full-time position maintaining a private estate near Woodend for the last 12 years.
If anyone wants a few kiwifruit we've got more than 200 from the vine in the garden! 

Pete volunteers with the Winter Party and offers his services to tenants on either site.

07941 315 786

Richard Harker

Member - Foxes Pieces - Plot 71A

Richard started gardening at Foxes Pieces in 2018, having moved to Marlow from South East London. His aim is self-sufficiency in fruit, vegetables and cut flowers, which he sometimes manages! Richard adores cultivating sweet peas and enjoys hopelessly attempting to grow unusual vegetables. He is passionate about encouraging wildlife and is delighted to have slow worms for company at his allotment. In real life Richard is a classical musician.

Huw Stevenson

Member - Foxes Pieces - Plot 28

Huw & Kate took over Plots 28/28A in 2020 after a 4 year stint at Hanging Hill - Foxes Piece being much closer to home for more regular visits. We are aiming to cultivate a range of fruit, vegetables and flowers with a rhubarb bed, asparagus and fruit trees all newly planted. The first target is having sufficient raspberries in production to satisfy voracious grandsons on their regular visits! In the meantime the scarecrow has proven a great attraction……



Member - Hanging Hill - Plot 37b


Ian took on Plot 37b at Hanging Hill back in 2016 and after creating 16 raised planters set about growing lots of vegetables and of course plenty of rhubarb! Never having grown anything before the first couple of years were all a bit trial and error but he now seems to have finally worked things out! Always keen to try growing new things - next years ‘project’ being kohlrabi, celeriac and artichoke.

 07801 194437

Ian Brown