This took place on Saturday 13th September 2019 at Hanging Hill Allotments site, in the Orchard, which is a communal area designated for tenant to share and enjoy. The weather was splendid for September and there were 19 tenants and family members that came along to enjoy the evening together from both Hanging Hill and Foxes Piece allotment sites. 

There was a communal table with delights such as John’s home-made blackberry wine and his cider made from the Orchard’s apples, a selection of Yvonne’s home pickles, some fresh blueberry, tomatoes and big green peppers - plus Sue’s fabulous home-made Pink Gooseberry Ice Cream and Daph’s Delightful Salad Dish. Food was sizzling away on the BBQ, and everyone shared the evening together, finally, we were able to enjoy the warm glow of the embers from the bonfire as dusk fell.