MAA is a member of the National Society for Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG). They, together with King’s Seeds are operating a seed scheme for allotment societies. As member of the MAA you are eligible to use this scheme to obtain seed, plants, including fruit bushes & trees and gardening sundries at competitive prices. In addition, for each seed element of orders placed through the scheme, the MAA receives a 

10% discount

Discounts received by the MAA are a valuable contribution to its funds, which help support members’ activities. Every MAA member would have received their own copy of the Kings / NSALG catalogue when joining. If you haven't got one, please ask our MAA Seed Secretary, Maren Talbot, to send it to you, through the contact form below. 

The Kings/NSALG Seed Catalogue is valid for one year, starting on the 1st of August. For any orders placed from the new catalogue, received by Kings before the end of October, the MAA receives an additional

7.5% discount

Please note: Orders submitted directly through the Kings Seeds website are not eligible for the Seed Scheme, but there is an online ordering facility for the Kings/NSALG scheme, which we are currently testing. We’ll let you know if and how it can be used.


Current process: to place an order, fill in the Green Order Form that came with your catalogue. Make sure you, include the £1.20 charge for individual packaging. Hand the form over or mail it to our MAA Seed Secretary, Maren Talbot, together with your payment cheque (addressed to the Marlow Allotments Association. 

Payment can also be made via bank transfer (the additional charge of £1.20 for individual order packaging still applies). Please send Maren an email ( if you have chosen this form of payment. 


Maren consolidates all orders received and applies the discounts. When the total consolidated order value is more than the minimum value of £50, she will send them off to Kings.

The Seed Scheme requires that all ordered items (except fruit and plants) are shipped to a single central address, from which the individual orders will be distributed. Peter England is currently the central recipient of Kings/NSALG orders. He will notify members on receipt of a shipment and agree a convenient time for members to pick up their items. 


Maren Talbot

MAA Treasurer & Seed Secretary

4 Hazel Close, Marlow, SL7 3PW

01628 486640