This section of the website will provide you with useful information on pests, plants and poisonous species that you will most likely find growing inside our allotment site. You can also find a section dedicated to recipes - using season vegetables.

Bee Swarm

In late spring/early summer Bees will swarm, leaving the Hive with the new Queen in search of a new home.

Anyone that is lucky enough to witness such an event will find it awesome and a little scary, such as the one that swooped around and around Hanging Hill a couple of years ago, finally settling on a small apple tree in a huge buzzing ball of bees.

Should there be another one on either allotments site, please contact the Council or a Committee Member to ensure that we are aware of this.


We will then contact the Swarm Line to arrange safe removal of the swarm in the evening, if on site they will need to be accompanied by a person in Authority either from the Council or a Committee Member.

In case of emergency the details are below:  Swarmline:   07854 092228



Composting & Recycling

Composting and recycling -  advice.



Clearing and overground plot

Clearing an overground plot - advice.